New Horizons, a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Campaign

The Ahlam Job


The Crew of the Horizon has been hired by their “dear” friend Sanzo, who’s Offering a hefty twelve-thousand credit payday for what he calls a, “Simple smash and grab.”

Well, the crew knows better.

The details are simple: case the Omnitech Enterprises holding facility and find a way inside. Grab the plans for a new weapons system off the secure server, then get out.

If that wasn’t enough, the crew also has to nab the prototype too, if they want to see all of that twelve thousand. This time, they’ll have to hijack it en-route to its debut with an imperial officer keen on new tech. If they can’t time it right, well let’s just say it’d be easier to skin a womp rat with a lightsaber than to steal a fancy gun out from under an army of white-helmeted thugs.


butcherj93 butcherj93

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